May Newsletter



“Succeeding in Business Together”





The Harley and all other bikes have all ridden off to the various destinations and Margate is our town again although we cannot take away the fact that they do generate a lot of money for the business and bring some life to Margate for the four days.

On Saturday 26th April an inspection was held regarding the toilets facilities at the Margate Beach and present at the inspection was EHowzit, the Municipal Manager, M. Mbili and HOD, Sbu Nzimandi, Haydee Bothma, Corrie and myself from the MBA.

As promised at the last feedback meeting that the MBA held Sbu did promise that the toilets would be in working order, which I must admit that they were.  However I feel it is still not good enough as we found broken tiles, covers missing from the toilets, the ladies toilets had no toilet paper, no cleaners to be found and this was at 9.15am.

The toilets at the children’s pool are in a disgusting state and how the HCM can be proud of their work baffles me.


Feedback emanating from the business community of Margate is that they have seen an increase in Super bikes and a decrease in Harley’s this year however, still an awesome event to have as Margate CBD was just as busy.  Only one word “IMPRESSIVE”

Pub’s, Clubs and Restaurants reported a bumper  4 days during Africa Bike Week.

Accommodation establishments reported almost 100% occupation throughout the month of April.

Clothing, Gift Shops and Take-Away businesses in Marine Drive finally felt part of the vibe as most reported a good couple of days due to the extended school holiday.

Our sincere thanks to everyone involved making this April a Super Duper One!


We only had one Mardi Gras for the duration of April which were very successful and have three planned for July.


Margate Winter Air Show  -  Saturday 15th June 2014

Ugu Jazz Festival – Saturday 28th June 2014 – Ugu

SA Schools Netball – 30th June – 2nd July 2014 (Ugu Sports Centre)

Margate Mardi Gras – 02nd , 9th and 16th July 2014

Mallards Mercury Ski Boat Fishing Festival – 2 – 5 July (Shelly Beach)


You will notice that the two islands at the intersection of Marine Drive have been upgraded with new plants to the value of R10 000.00 which was kindly sponsored by Haydee Bothma of Koko’s and Michael Frey from Freys Meat and Eric Doucha from Sebenza Nursery assisted with the choice of plants and planting.  A huge thank you to these companies

It is impressive to see Robin Peterson upgrading this building in Marine Drive

Thank you to these businesses for caring and your contribution towards our town.


We would like to compliment the Contractor responsible for upgrading the walkway as their storing area is super clean and tidy and even left parking in between for our holidaymakers.  The walkway from the fishing pier to the Tidal Pool is almost complete and it looks awesome.  We will have a full up-date after our meeting on Thursday 29th May with the Urban Renewal Steering Committee.

We welcome any idea and feedback from our community regarding the upliftment of Margate. Please call Corrie on 039 317 2202 or 072 561 4854 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any “maintenance or service delivery issue"

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