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(October 2010) 3rd Edition


Margate Sector Crime Forum (CPF) AGM Please visit this site to read these comprehensive minutes which contain feedback on crime stats and reservist performance.


Community Complaints


There have been some serious complaints about noise/behavior of patrons from entertainment establishments and some non compliant restaurants.

During August, difficult meetings with some role-players were held which basically ended in a stale-mate. To this end, the Crime Forum/MBA has engaged with Hibiscus Coast Municipality, SAPS and the Liquor Board to motivate a procedure whereby all complaints are sent to these Authorities and that the MBA/Crime Forum is given the opportunity to be placed on the circulation list before approval is made for any new applications or amendment to existing liquor or entertainment licenses. These Authorities will be in closer contact with particular regard to enforcing/taking action against non-compliancy.

In addition, a meeting with most establishments was called and hosted by the SAPS Margate Station Commissioner in early November. Operators were alerted to the fact that non-compliancy of licence conditions would not be tolerated and that various SAPS operations had been planned. Entertainment Establishments were warned of ongoing SAPS operations and were urged to seriously consider licence compliancy and give elevated consideration to the surrounding community.

More meetings are to take place between SAPS and establishments and Council officials will be visiting non-compliant premises.


SAPS – Reported Complaints – Margate CBD – Mar 2010 – Oct 2010

March 2010 : 32

April : 25

May : 27

June : 20

July : 16

August : 33 (10 Bank Fraud)

September : 17

October : 13


As can be seen from the above, reportings continue to drop as SAPS visibility is elevated. We are awaiting arrest history.


It is imperative that we maintain this initiative and urge all business, Body Corporates and flat owners in the focus area to continue financial contributions every month to make this possible. Our sincere thanks to Seabrook Body Corporate for their new commitment of R2000 per month.


Feedback from Landlord Initiative

It is noticeable how many buildings are making an effort to beautify and upgrade. Two major buildings in Margate being Seabrook and Margate Court have completed their upgrades and the Spur/Regent building is presently renovating. In a very short time beautiful new hanging flower baskets will be installed on both the Seabrook and Margate Court buildings.



The Crime Forum needs you!

In an effort to continue to enhance security through our SAPS Reservist initiative, we are urging every Body Corporate/Flat owner, Individual who lives in the CBD, Business Owner and Landlord to make a monthly financial contribution of whatever they can afford to ensure that this initiative continues into the future. Imagine what we would be capable of if each Body Corporate, Flat owner and Landlord participated.

We would appreciate Body Corporate Management Agents approaching their Trustees to motivate this with owners. Remember that if Margateremains safe, investment values are safe and visitors will feel safe to return. They would be contributing towards a healthy environment for their customers who provide holiday rental income – besides reducing the fear of crime for themselves and their families.

Further, we are requesting that all Body Corporate Managing Agents forward this newsletter on to their owners. This way they will stay informed of the various initiatives which may motivate them to participate.

To make this initiative work, we need R30000-00 per month.

Banking Details

Margate Sector Crime Forum

ABSA Bank Margate

A/C No: 4065774541

Advertising Opportunities and Fundraising Initiatives

“Don’t do Crime Boards”

In 2006 “Don’t do Crime Boards” were installed all over Margate for a period of three years. The boards highlight emergency numbers, are used as a deterrent publicizing CCTV Camera System and offer an opportunity to advertise contributing businesses.

The period of advertising has now expired and we again offer this unique opportunity to business to create not only exposure for their business, but also demonstrate their commitment to tourism by their involvement in crime prevention initiatives. This is also a great tool to deter crime.

Orders are open for “Don’t Do Crime” boards at a cost of R1275 (same as 2006) per board (600 x 400 mm) for a period of three years (1 June 2010 – 31 May 2011).

There are also two high profile 1.2m x 912 mm square “entrance” boards available at R10 000 each.


All contributions will be welcome and for further information contact Diane Duncan at 082 575 1973 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Register with the Margate Sector Crime Forum Today

We are requesting that all business and Body Corporates in Margate register with the Margate Sector Crime Forum. This information will be consolidated and utilized in terms of profiling our area and providing information which will certainly help us to communicate effectively with you. Information Form attached should be returned to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or faxed to (039) 317-2221


Sector Manager Insp Gavin Palmer : 082 332 6195



Business Association/Margate Sector Crime Forum : (039) 317-2202


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