Present:               Cllr Henderson  - Ward 2 - In the Chair

HOD Sbu Nzimande - HCM

Sup Zet Mzindle – Law Enforcement

Tony Davis – HCM

Captain Gerald Mfeka – SAPS

Col Govender – SAPS

W/O Walton - SAPS

and a further 43 members of the public


Cllr Henderson welcomed every present and thanked them for taking the time to attend this very imported meeting.  He then explained the purpose of the meeting.


Mr Sbu Nzimande took the floor and assures everyone that HCM’s mandate is to render a service to the community.

Car Guards, Car Washers, Vagrants, Beggars

He confirmed that a team was deployed to focus on the above concerns and they will do their utmost best to get this under control as their officers on back on 24hrs duty.


Suggestions from the floor were made to name and shame in the local newspaper as the demand is very high for this service.

Hooting & Trashing Taxis

Mr Nzimande explained that they have not got the manpower and that this is a very sensitive issue.

Cllr Henderson suggested that HCM meet with the relevant Taxi associations to discuss these issues.  Another member suggested that taxi stops being implemented which will solve the hooting as well as the double parking when picking up people. It was mentioned by the Kings View Body Corporate that should nothing be done to prevent these taxi’s hooting and using the corner of Nando’s as a bus stop, we will see a dramatic change in tourism to Margate.  Holiday makers are fed up with the disrespect for law and order. The floor stressed that all by-laws should be implemented and those breaking it be taken to task. This is not happening at present . The feeling is that the Protection Service officers are walking past incidents and turning a blind eye.

Beach Toilets

Mr Nzimande assured everyone that the toilets are currently being up-graded and would be ready soon.

Public Open Space / Ridge Road

Bridge Collapse Sasol Garage

Mr Nzimande confirm that DHHI has been informed and is handling this. Tony Davis reported that the Bus Stop and Ablution opposite Sasol will be upgraded and work will commence to the end of October


Mr Nzimande said that this was a District issue handled by UGU.


Mr Nzimande confirmed that the camera’s in Margate is working but that the monitor that is responsible for recording is not working.  They have appointed a service provider that will start in Port Shepstone as their cameras are not working and then move to Margate.  Cllr Henderson then suggested that the HOD and  HCM to budget for new cameras next year.  Mr Petterson does not support this request as the problem will be the same.

Bus stop/ Toilets

Toney Davis from HCM assured us that this issue will be rectified by end November


Numerous complaints from the floor were raised regarding the hours of trading and noise from this establishment as well as revving of cars and general mayhem in the early hours. This facility is dragging Margate down.  Col Govender stressed the importance of laying an official complaint which will be placed on file and taking into account when renewing their licence.


Mr Petterson thanked Col Govender and SAPS as well as MCPF and Wolf security for their assistance in clamping down on crime etc.


In closing mr Sbu Nzimande gave everyone present his assurance that their hearts are in the right place and they would do everything they can to assist.



Clllr Henderson closed the meeting at 19h00

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