We have facilitated and/or financed the following projects:

Town Beautification – we have placed mature palms in strategic positions throughout the town and are in the process of placing small pots containing palms on all pavements in an effort to make Margate more visually appealing to locals and visitors. We maintain all pots and the surrounding areas of all palms and pots in the CBD.

Pier Beautification – We have had specially built benches installed around the pier area and are planning improved lighting between the Margate beach and the pier.

Margate Airshow – we have been involved in the “return of the airshow” and contributed financially to this event last year.

Training – We facilitate workshops to assist in the training of staff with particular reference to superior customer service.

Mardi Gras – We organize and host the Margate Mardi Gras during holiday seasons to entertain the holidaymakers and our locals.

Whale Watching Platform – We have built a wooden platform on top of the toilets at the Pier for the enjoyment of our holidaymakers.

Fountains – We have stalled two large water features in the main street of Margate. One at Realty 1 and the other at the Standard Bank.

Security Camera System – Our input was instrumental in the formation of the Margate Sector Crime Forum and the installation of H.C.M. of security cameras in the Margate CBD.

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